As one might also be interested in other types of spatial-temporal analysis, we suggest other sources for reference. In particular, if the reader wants to use R to perform their analysis, from the CRAN Task Views webpage, they can mainly refer to the Spatial and SpatioTemporal pages.

Also, the Geospatial Health Data: Modeling and Visualization with R-INLA and Shiny, written by Dr. Paula Moraga, may be a good reference if one wants to learn how to model geospatial data using R-INLA. It shows how to manipulate and transform point, areal and raster data, fit and interpret spatial and spatial-temporal models, and create interactive and static visualizations such as disease maps and time plots.

Finally, other packages, such geobr, africamapr, geographyr, tigris, and more, provide geo data sets for specific locations. It may be easier (and more reliable) to use them other than retrieve data from different sources by yourself.

If you know other spatial/spatial-temporal references that can be useful to other people, please, share them with us, so that all the community can take advantage of them.

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